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  1. Very frustrating situation. We have installed a VPN for a client that allows them to access their office and at the same time do a remote backup from the home computer so they don't have to swap tapes, etc. The office is on the 192.168.1.X subnet and the home is on 192.168.2.X. To simplify the test, I have set the permissions on the share on to Everyone yet it is still asking me for a login and password when I connect to the network address (type in the UNC). If I type in the Administrator for the, it works, but it does not "memorize" this connection. I have also tried to put a client on It runs and if I do a test, it finds it, but the search tool does not work. I am stuck at this point. Any ideas?
  2. The errors we are getting are: different modify date/time
  3. I was checking to see if anyone has seen a problem with backing-up QB files. A client of ours claims that they have closed all QB files from the network and yet they get failures on the back-up of their main file consistently. Any suggestions? Service Ad-in
  4. I have used Retrospect with several of our clients. Recently I found a package I could buy with Buslink USB 60 G drive. What version ships with the drives and can I upgrade to 6 or 6.5 professional? We want to make the purchase for a Tuesday install so we would appreciate a quick response. Thanks in advance,
  5. Could someone please advise as to the cost of the server system and the downfalls of simply creating the drive as a share and name the source in the Network Neighborhood config under Retrospect source? Thanks in advance, Service Ad-in
  6. A quick question... What is the difference (outside of exposure of a "share") in chosing a source that is a in My Network Places? The obvious question is: "What price am I paying for setting up my server directories that I wish to back-up as a share vs. buying a license that costs $599?" The only downsides I see are: 1. lack of control on the client to control backups 2. exposure through a share (albiet small) 3. no notification at the client Could you please let us know if we are missing anything obvious? Regards, Service Ad-in
  7. What are the associated fees in getting a single license and why is there a differentiation on the client side. That is a little odd in a client/server pricing model.
  8. We have inherited a system that is using the Windows professional package with 12 clients. We have 10 clients connected working with no problems. We went to add another client that happens to be a 2000NT Server. The install goes fine and in fact the client is recognized. When we enter the password, it comes back with a message box: Additional License Required Accessiung a Server requires a license for Application. (such as Retrospect Multi Server Bakcup or similar) We are only backing up files on a box that happens to be a server. It is not a server for Retrospect. How can we remedy this quickly. We did add a laptop that is running XP home as a quick test and another box that is running NT 2000 (not a server) and it worked. We uninstalled the licenses and it shows 2 free but we continue to get the message above.
  9. Thanks for the response. 1 and 2 are well understood. #3 appears to be inconsistent with what we are seeing. One client is backed up under a different client's name. Can this happen if the IP address is reset under DHCP or if the Dantz "server" is reset? We are trying to understand the circumstances that this can happen under. Thanks, Service Ad-in
  10. Is somebody out there running this type of environment. The client is willing to spend more $$$ to get this working. We are faced with either trashing what we have today and starting over with a package we know can do this or figure this out. We would appreciate a quick response. Regards, Service Ad-in
  11. We are relatively new to Retrospect 6 for Windows. We were doing some IT work for a client and happened upon it in their environment. I have a few questions on how it works. First some background: 1. We have 12 client licenses. 2. We are in a DHCP environment that is fairly dynamic. 3. All machines are either 2000 or XP Prof. My questions: 1. It looks like you name the client when you search. This appears to be related to the machine name. Is this correct? 2. When doing a backup or configuring a script is is asking me to marry the device, with the client, with the back-up set. Is this correct? 3. Lastly, when the scripts run on schedule it does not appear to be to the named machine but to the IP address of the original definition of a client. Is this correct? If so, this is quite a limitation in a DHCP environment. How do people resolve this? Thanks in advance for your response, Service Ad-in
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