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Windows EFS encrypted file system (file encryption)

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Retrospect 7.0 Server, Windows 2003, Windows XP, EFS, File encryption


(How) does this work with Retrospect Server, especially with clients?




One server (Win2003), one client within domain, one client outside domain. Clients have RetroClient 7.0 installed and get backuped by Retrospect server. Server backs up itself.


All computers have some encrypted folders and files. I assume files are encrypted by WinXP using a key which is protected by the logon password.


Can Retrospect (Client) access encrypted files always? How does RetroClient get the encryption key (or the passphrase protecting it)? Is this done using recovery keys (this would not work with the outside client because this is no domain member)? What if a client isn't logged on (the passphrase (key) might be not available to RetroClient which runs as SYSTEM)?


Maybe someone can bring some light to this.

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