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Win2K can't see client - Error -530


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I have Retrospect Professional 6.5.350 running on Win2K and a

client, also running Win2K and client version 6.5.136. About 3

weeks ago the client "disappeared" and can no longer be found by

Retrospect Pro. The error is always -530 (backup client not



If I open the Clients dialog the client is still listed. When I

open Properties, the previously cached properties are still

present (client name, type, version, all correct).


If I then click the "Access" tab, "Change..." button, "Test..."

and enter the client's IP address I get an immediate response

from the client. However, the Access dialog stays at "searching

for clients..." and never finds the client.


I recall having this problem with an Win98 client quite a while

back, so I searched the forum and located the old solution,

which was to bind the client to the IP address with "retroclient

-ip nn.nn.nn.nn". I tried this but it had no effect.


I have Ethereal on the backup machine and I can trace the

packets interchanged when Retrospect searches for the client.

When using the "Test..." functionality Retrospect opens a TCP

session to the client's port 497. When doing a search instead,

I see the following interchanges, all over UDP. The client's IP



Source IP Port --> Destination IP Port 4363 497 4363 497 497 4364

... repeated 9 more times ...


The obvious problem here is that Retrospect has bound itself to

the first network adapter it found, which happens to be the

SonicWall VPN virtual adapter with IP address, not

the real Ethernet adapter ( when doing client

discovery. It doesn't seem to do that when the client's IP is

entered in the Test... dialog.


When the client had this problem it could be forced to bind to a

specific IP. How do I make Retrospect itself bind to a specific

adapter for communication with clients?

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Well, if I'd just waited another 5 minutes for my brain to digest the info before

posting I wouldn't have had to post. Then again, the solution may be of interest

to somebody else. The simple answer is to change the binding order in Win2K,

according to KB article 266771




The SonicWall virtual adapter was first, and when I made the Ethernet

adapter first Retrospect found the client with no difficulty :-)

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