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"different creation date/time" in log file


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I've just finished the first (almost successful) backup of our companies linux box - using Respect 5.5 on a WindowsXP Pro machine reading files over Samba, writing to an Exabyte VXA-1f.


It took 2 days to do 100 Gb, then another 2 days comparing the backup sets. I've got about 12000 entries in the operations log that all say File ........: different creation date/time (set: 01/01/1980 01:00:00, vol: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) - where the "vol" date/time is correct, it correctly corresponds to the file's date/time on the server.


Has it all gone horribly wrong?


I'm guessing that problems with date/times won't make incremental backups work very well?


Please help.


(P.S. I did search the docs and online kb and couldn't find anything that gave detailed explanations of the meanings of operations log messages).

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