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Getting only about 100 MB on each 700 MB CD-R, not a CD drive problem

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It is not a CD drive problem because when I do a hard drive backup onto it, Retrospect fills each CD-R to its normal capacity of about 700 MB. Roxio Toast Lite 5.2.2 also uses all 700 MB.


However, when I try to transfer an old backup set from 2MB Jaz removabes to regular 700 MB CD-Rs, Retrospect 5.1.177 uses only about 100 MB on each CD-R. With five Jazes to transfer, it would require over 80 CD-Rs as opposed to about 14 CD-Rs, so I stop the operation after about 10 CD-Rs. Everything else is OK.


I ran "Configure Devices" on the CD drive several times. After each such run, Retrospect still uses 700MB of each empty CD-R on backup from hard drives, but only 100 MB of each empty CD-R on backup set transfer from Jazes.


The Backup Set on the Jazes seems to be OK, I even had recreated the catalog with no problems.


I am stumped.


The setup:

Power Macintosh 9600/300

Mac OS 9.1

Retrospect Desktop 5.1.177 with 4.3.103 Driver Update

Internal SCSI 2 MB Jaz drive

CD drive: LACIE CDBP 161040A Ver. 5.29 connected through a PCI FireWire card.


Everything is very well behaving except for this problem.

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