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Where Did My Speed Go?


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I've been using my older Compaq DPEN running NT4.0 to backup a server. I finally got fed up with the blue screens and transferred my tape drive to another machine in my office running Win2K. I started a new backup this am and was going along at 35 to 40 MB/min on my old machine and the b/u was going to take a little over 3 hours. After moving everything over to the new machine I continued with the backup. On the new machine, using the same 100Mbps connection, the transfer rate dropped to 9 to 11 MB/min and is estimated time to complete went up to 20 to 25 hours.




I checked all the settings and everything seemed to be the same on both machines. I tried updating the driver to 2.1 with the same result. I called customer support and they suggested downloading the new 5.6 version. I installed the new version and still have the same transfer rate.




Any help is appreciated.




Jim Bowers

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Jim, lots of things will be different.




Is there anything else on the SCSI bus? Termination OK? I am assuming you are using the same cable as before.




But the new speed looks more like the network - 10 vs 100. You imply you are using the same cable and port as before. Can you confirm the port is connecting to this machine at 100 if it is a 10/100 port? Both duplex? Have you tried the network card from the previous machine?




Hope this helps, Paul Fyfe.

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