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Applescript: onMediaRequest & timeout

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I've altered the standard onMediaRequest Retrospect Event Handler for the Mail app on OSX to email me an alert when Retrospect requests media. I don't want to wait for a timeout, which is why I'm not using the onMediaRequestTimeout handler to send the message. The onMediaRequest event seems to fire every couple of minutes once media has been requested, continuing even after media has been supplied and the backup is underway again (is this a bug?) so it was necessary to insert a test to skip the mail if the requested media is the same as the last request. All is working well.




I gather that the Timeout is not supplied to the onMediaRequest handler, only to the onMediaRequestTimeout handler. Is there any way to supply the timeout to the onMediaRequest handler, or to otherwise extract this information from Retrospect via Applescript so I can include the time available to supply the media into my email message when the media is first requested?

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