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-35 from live NT Volume

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04/18/02 09:37 AM


-35 to previously avail NT volume












I've been running Retr4.3 from a G3 and picking up WinNT clients with no problem until we made


a change


on a particular NT server. This machines c:\ and f:\ volumes have been browseable from first


install of the


client and I've been backing up the f:\ volume for a year now. Recently, since f:\ was made an




volume to the Mac population, backup of f:\ has failed and attempting to browse gives a -35


error although


the c:\ startup drive is browseable. Windows admin made no permissions changes to the f:\




Configure>Volumes>Forget disappeared the f:\ from the Client list, but I can't put it back into


the Volume list,


since conditions haven't changed. This f:\ volume is being served and available to both Win and


Mac networks,


and is being backed up using Legato on UNIX. However, I'd like Retro to work again on this


volume - please help!





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When using Retrospect for the Macintosh, do not back up the NT Services for Macintosh directories via a Retrospect client. Instead, back up Services for Macintosh directories as mounted volumes to avoid invalid name errors. You can configure Retrospect to automatically mount the Services for Macintosh directories during unattended execution by following the instructions in the Macintosh Retrospect Users Guide. Once you have configured Retrospect to automatically connect to these directories, designate the Services for Macintosh directories as "private" using the Access tab in the Retrospect client control panel. This prevents them from being backed up via the Retrospect Client.




Add the mounted Services for Macintosh volumes and the Retrospect client volumes to your script. This allows Retrospect to backup the entire computer.



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Thanks for your reply!


The f:\ volume encloses the folder which is being shared via NT Serv for Mac. It seems that the entire file


system of f:\ is unbrowseable if a folder in that file system is offered via NT Serv for Mac. I can easily


mount the mac folder on the Retrosp Mac but the other items remain unavailable. Does making a folder


available via NT Serv for Mac render the enclosing volume unbrowseable - I guess, that's what I'm asking...

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