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Launcher fails in Windows 2000


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I have a problem getting the launcher to work in Windows 2000. If I follow the instructions in the readme file i.e. switch it off in Preferences then switch it back on, then it works. However, it logs in under the local system account and that account is denied access to the rest of the network. So I go into the properties of the launcher (in Windows Services) and change the login to an administrator account. Save it and it tells me that it won't take effect until the service is stopped and restarted. The dialog box allows me to do this or I can restart the computer. Either way, once these changes are made, the launcher will not work.


If I switch it on and off again in the program it works again but reverts back to the default local user account. Any suggestions about how to get around this catch 22?


Oh I am running version 6.5.350.

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On further investigation I have found that when the log-on details are changed in Windows Services it is not the actual job that activates the launcher but the timeframe of backup operation. In other words the automatic launcher is working but it launches Retrospect when it is time for all backup jobs to be running. If your backup period is between 12.00am and 9.00am and your individual jobs are set to occur at 1.00am and 3.00am then the program will automatically launch at 12.00am and remain open until the job starts at 1.00am.


If on the other hand you are testing like I was and the 12.00am start time has expired then the auto launch will not start based on the backup job starting time e.g. if the time is 12.45am and the backup job is due to start at 1.00am, it will not auto launch Retrospect to start that job because Retrospect should have already been running.


Strangely, and this is what I was encountering, if you switch off auto launching and switch it back on in preferences, the default setup in Windows Services will launch the program based on the start time of individual jobs even when the 12.00am starting time has passed. This makes it appear as though the auto launcher only works in default mode. When you give the auto launcher a specific account to log in under then it only launches when the preset backup period begins.


If this is a fault I hope it can be fixed in the next version otherwise I hope this can save some other frustrated users a lot of time.

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