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How much Time involved in backups and incremental BU.


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I have looked and looked and can't find anything on this subject.


When I backed up my C: drive to my Maxtor external HDD using Retrospect Express 5.6.132 and WinXP, it took close to an hour.


When I ran it again, hoping that it was doing incremental backups, it again took a long time. Am I doing something wrong?


First time, I used the software without using One Touch. Second time, I used One Touch, it deleted first backup on the Maxtor, then backed up once again. Maybe that was my problem, I did it using two different procedures. Right? Then incremental backups should not take as long. Am I right in assuming that?


Explanations in the manual and online aren't basic enough for first time users. As in most manuals, once a person knows how to do the procedure, the manual is great for reference.





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