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Desktop Backup Hangs at beginning of job!

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This product is a piece of crap! I recently updated my version 5 Desktop backup software and have made FOUR calls on the same issue to Dantz...and still no resolution! (actually on hold with them now) I'm running it under OS X on a Quicksilver Dual 1GHz G4 PowerMac with an Adaptec 2906 SCSI card and a Sony SDT-S9000 DDS3 Tape drive. Even though Dantz's web site says all of these devices are compatible and they have tested them successfully, it still doesn't work correctly! The software sees the drive, is able to erase, rewind and eject tapes, but hangs during the beginnig of the backup! They keep pointing fingers at Apple for lack of SCSI support in OS X, and Adaptec for their SCSI Card drivers under OS X...why not look at yourselves Dantz!

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