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Can't backup OSX client

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I can't backup an OSX client. I am running Retrospect 5 in OS 9.1. I have installed the update. The Retrospect server connects to the OSX client and begins to back it up. Usually somewhere around half way through, the server just hangs up. I don't get any error message. The progress window is still up, It just stops like it is thinking. I can still move the square cursor thing around but it just doesn't ever continue the backup. I can force quit Retrospect without a problem, so don't think it really crashed, it is just like it is thinking but hours later it is still just sitting there doing nothing. I was running the beta, is there anything I need to do to uninstall it or does that even matter. I was able to backup the OSX clients once or twice before, but now I just can't get past this. Please help. Between still not being able to backup my ASIP server(that is another post) and not being able to backup my OSX machines, Retrospect 5.0 has very much been a waste of time and money.

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