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Retrospect 6.5 crashes the computer


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I have installed a number of Retrospect setups on both Macs and Windows and mixed environments, but I have a client with a Retrospect problem I can’t solve. His computer consistently crashes when running a backup.



Retrospect 6.5 (with all updates) on

Windows XP Pro (with all updates) on a three-month-old computer

1.5 G memory

C drive: 30 GB fast ATA (used for program files)

E drive: 80 GB fast ATA (used for all data files)

Backing up to one of two Maxtor external drives, 160 and 120GB

(all of the above hooked to a UPS with a trip indicator)

Two clients, a Windows 2000 desktop and a Windows XP laptop on a fast Ethernet connection.


Invariably, before the first drive is backed up, the machine crashes (blue screen, and the machine restarts from scratch). It has never gotten to the verification phase. When the machine is running again, we get the notice that Retrospect has failed due to a power failure or system crash. The UPS trip indicator does not register a power fluctuation. This client is an architect and uses some processor-intensive CAD software and Photoshop, and he >never< has regular crashes with any other software. It never fails in the same spot, sometimes 400Mb into the backup, sometimes 12.8Gb into it on the same drive (I’ve never gotten beyond 12.8). The Operations Log shows nothing.


What I’ve tried:

Changing the order of backup (first E, or first a network client)

Changing the backup set to disk or file

Changing the location of the backup set (either of the two Maxtors, and also creating backup sets on the internal drives, C and E)

Changing the external connection to the Maxtors to firewire from USB2

Changing the backup server to the older Win2000 machine.


The failure always occurs while the first drive is being backed up.


Any ideas? Dantz? Anybody?

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