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Sec Prefs "Always run RS6.5 as the specified user"-->"Can't grant necessary user privileges" ...why?


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I'm the admin.

And I'm always logged in as admin.

I have intranet admin privileges.

Explorer is accessing my sites across my own intranet.

The Chinese hackers are accessing my sites across the internet.

RS6.5 can't access my sites across my own intranet but suggests I use Explorer...


Retrospect keeps losing the intranet login password... always (win) Error -1017


I've been using Retrospect for years without this lunacy.

All of this is madness. Dantz, what is wrong please?


best wishes, Robert

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See my follow up text in thread...




...this is now resolved ***for RS6.5's idiosyncratic lunacy*** by me, acting as the REAL administrator (despite what RS6.5 has unilaterally decided), establishing a new user to the workstation called 'retro' and assigning that user 'retro' with administrator rights. Things everywhere in RS6.5's 'Alice in Wonderland'-like world start to become nominally normal.


Forum viewer/searcher, if you are in the same situation, then I recommend you try this cunning stunt, it may save you 4days of lost work schedule.


My thanks to David (DantzEuroSupport unit) for his committed help.


best wishes, Robert

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