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creating client installer .MSI?


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We want to roll out the retrospect client to our laptop users. We have about 100

laptops in offices and in the field that only rarely make it back to HQ. Because of this,

it's a pain to schedule a time to roll out the retrospect client install. If I could

push out an .MSI file via SMS server or even a link in an email then it would allow

these laptops to be backed up when they do come to the office.


Unfortunately, we haven't had much luck in creating an MSI for the retrospect

client. The client seems to write individual stuff to the registry including host name

which then screws up the clients who install later.


Also, the retrospect server isn't really intelligent in finding clients in that you must first

connect to the client and give it the password while the client is connected. Since our

clients are on the network at random times, trying to make sure they've all been added

to retrospect borders on impossible.


Surely there is some way to automate installing the client and then adding the clients

to retrospect. I'd love to see any advice on this. I can't be the only person who

is trying to do this! Any help would _greatly_ be appreciated.


FWIW, we're running retrospect 6.5.343 for Windows.



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