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(Error -1017) I STILL can't persuade RS6.5 to remember shared volume logins for unattended use;~/


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[as title]


* Have tried the RS6.0 cunning stunt with...

Administrative Tools | Component Service | Services (Local) | Retrospect Launcher | Local System Account ---> admin etc

...despite the v6.5 advertising blurb documenting that this could be done in Retrospect's Preferences and

...despite the plain fact that I am the admin and always enter/use RS under admin privileges.


* Have uninstalled the recent RS upgrade (6.0 to 6.5) and then clean installed RS.


* Have manually set/confirmed/reconfirmed all 8 shares' logins in...

Configure | Volumes | Volumes Database | My Network Places | rightclick each share's login as | EnterNetworkPassword | SavingAPasswordForAutomaticLogin | ConnectAs=admin Password=myloginpassword


* All the above and several times again in...

Automate | Manage Scripts | Script | (foo bah) | Edit | Sources (doubleclick) | SavingAPasswordForAutomaticLogin | ConnectAs=admin Password=myloginpassword


* satisfied myself (several times) that I have actually and properly given RS6.5 each and every password necessary to backup some eight shared volumes, over the intranet, that are in use on my gateway server. Exit and re-enter RS - check again.


Then set an unattended time for a few minutes hence. Observed the unattended backup decay into farce. Re-entered RS to find all logins now forgotten.


Uninstalled the recent upgrade [sic] from v6 to v6.5 in favour of a clean install of RS6.5 from new (despite inheriting all the Registry entries I noticed).


Discovered the...

Configure | Preferences | Execution | Security | AlwaysRunRetrospectAsTheSpecifiedUser

...will not accept/save what I then enter as being either the local workstation's administrator and local password nor will it accept/save the intranet's admin username and password:~| I have no idea what to insert into the LogOnTo slot as I do not run Server (server with a capital S) stuff. I just run an ordinary Linux gateway/webserver/emailserver for my www domains and a small intranet. Also I have no idea whatsoever why I might need or not need to tick the Terminal Services box. AFAIK Terminal Services are what funeral directors offer their dead clients...


Searched your Knowledgebase for <-1017>... discounted all the Macintosh hits... found some 13 hits but these aren't all particularly relevant or helpful... I seem to have run out of clues...


So, there you have it. The usual somewhat unfriendly RS user interface has won the battle once again. It's got me foxed. Does RS really -HAVE- to be so complicated to setup and/or run in unattended mode?


Grateful for your assistance, workaround/s, or proper fix/patch.


best wishes, Robert

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Apparently I was not deemed to be the administrator and so my password was invalid...

So, as the administrator, it was necessary for me to bring on a new user called 'retro'.

This new user 'retro' was then assigned administrator rights by me (the administrator).

RS6.5 has now decided this is OK and allows the new user to continue as the administrator.

Mmmm... you couldn't invent a more far-fetched fairy story could you;~)

All true.


FAQ/KnowledgeBase/Database search seed:

For an irrational outbreak of (win) Error -1017 try assigning a new user with admin rights.


best wishes, Robert

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