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Couldn't create backup set... Error 1017 Insufficent Permission


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I just purchased a WD external firewire/USB2.0 drive. I have been trying without success to creat a script to do backups. Each time I get to the end of the script it bombs with the subject message. I'm running Retrospect 6.5.343 with the latest drivers on WIndows XP pro which is installed on a 3.0 ghz machine with 1 gb of memory.


I was able to backup C: after initial install, that is until it blue screened on the last couple of files. I am running Retrospect on an account that is an administrator. Not sure how I can not have sufficent permissions. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software just to make sure it was not whacked. Same result. I checked th Retrospect Launcher service and it is running and is configured to permit local account. I have also read through the FAQs and have not found a solution. Can anyone help?

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