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Is Dantz Retrospect right for me?


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I have a home computer with a very large file of digital pictures. I would die if I lost them.


Also, I want to be able to backup windows xp, documents, etc.


Is Dantz Retrospect Professional right for a self-learned computer person?


I've read some posts, and, quite frankly, I'm concerned about whether or not Retrospect Professional is user friendly. I do not want to have to call for support simply because I'm in over my head.


I know that there is a free 30 day download, but I'd rather ask you first.


Thank you for any replies.

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herewegoagain~ I've also got lots of digital image files and I'm just 2-weeks into using Retrospect Professional (after using several other popular backup programs). It's not so much that Retrospect isn't user-friendly, it's just that it's user-interface is quite a bit different than typical Windows application interfaces.




I gave up on most of the other backup programs I tried because while they all could backup my data and image files, none of them could backup Windows (while running Windows). So far, I haven't had the 'guts' to attempt a total restore from my Retrospect backups because I've been getting some errors in the backup process - see my thread (url below).




While Retrospect has an unusual interface, it alone (as far as I know) has the capability to do a complete system backup, but 'the jury is still out' as to whether or not I can absolutely rely on Retrospect. ~pv





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<Is Dantz Retrospect Professional right for a self-learned computer person?>


The quote above is from the original poster. I don't quite know about the ability of a self-learned computer person but I, myself, am a self-taught computer person:-) Jesting aside, I have found that Retrospect is a programme on which to rely.


I possess both the old Express and newer Professional versions. They back up data reliably, you may have confidence in that. However the user-interface is a little quirky, as indeed is the key component of its methodology in that it completely eshews the historical dependence on a file's ARCHIVE ATTRIBUTE.


I am a photographer. I would be beside myself if I were to lose pictures... and I use Retrospect.


best wishes, Robert

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It was the Dantz Director of Customer Service who recommended Maxtor 300 because it has the Dantz software in it.


In my situation I think Maxtor will be easier for me....at least I hope! And, I only considered it because it had the Dantz software.


I'll let you know.


Thank you for all the replies.

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I have Maxtor 300 up and running, and I'm happy to tell you that it is wonderful.


I only have to push a pretty blue button and it backs up my entire system. It takes a while, but it's so easy.


I have a desktop icon that I use if I just want to update my documents (where I have all my pictures).

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