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I was happy to get rid of the element c-812, but now it's




"Internal consistency check failed:


Assertion check at "arc.c-2512"




A quick search through the forum didn't yield any threads about anyone else facing this one.




Situitation: trying to revive the last few pref files for Dragthing 4.3 on X. Server runs OS 9.1/Retro 5 with latest patch. Gathered the results for me just fine, but spewed the above when I asked for those files to be restored back to my laptop.




Odd thing is that it just restored my OS X laptop to Friday's backup with only minor problems. Many gigs of data. Asked it for another 20 megs, and it chokes....




Dantz- please let me know what further data you'd need to solve this issue: syuroff@hiebing.com





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