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Backing up a 68K mac client with Retro 5.0.238


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I have Retrospect 5.0.238 running on a mac with OS 9.2.2 (My Backup Server). This computer backs up an OS 10.2.8 client (a PowerBook) and another OS 9.2.2 client (iBook Clamshell). I want to be able to backup a third mac client. The problem is that the client is a 68K mac and the client software won't install because it is not PPC. The 68K mac is connected to the LAN via 10BT ethernet. I can't use the older client software either because it only backs up using AppleTalk and Retrospect 5.0.238 doesn't support AppleTalk - only TCP/IP. Is there a work around short of having my 'Backup Server' running two versions of Retrospect? Is this even possible?





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