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I use Retrospect to backup more than 100 computers and I use a lot of volumes to define my job. There's a very strange situation when I want to backup folders with same name. Let's assume this structure :




If I want to backup the two "Rep1" folders, I have to make these volumes :




Not very clear at this time. In the Task definition, not very clear too :




BUT you can see that these volumes come from C: of the local computer.


Now, when you want to restore :




Very frustating window : You can't differentiate the two volumes. You did not know from which computer this directory comes from... Well, you have no information to differentiate the two volumes.


Now, imagine that I backup "Documents and Settings" from all my computer (and that I don't want to use Selectors)... I can't restore something whitout restoring all my backup files...


So, I decide to change the name of one volume and surprise, the name of the corresponding folder also changed !!


Please, allow us to change the name of a volume WITHOUT changing the name of the folder behind it or give us a "simple" way to differentiate them.




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