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Why no "Differential" like EVERY other backup program since the dawn of time

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If I knew that Retrospect had no capablility to do a differential backup, I never would have purchased it. It is like buying a car that doesn't make a left hand turn.


I would like to suggest that Dantz add what every other backup program has - a differential


backup option. This way I don't have to carry 10 tapes around to have a full backup of my server.


I like to do a full backup on the weekend like most people, then get a differentail nightly so that if the server ever fails, all I have to do is install the full set and the last differential. With Dantz, if I have a failure on a Friday I have to load the Weekend backup, Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday, and Thursday.


Although I can appreciate how some people may want to choose Dantz way of having the snapshots, it just doesn't fit my strategy and I assume many other companies.


Please include the Differnetial option soon. mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

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