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BUG?: page orientation unavailable in Page Setup (6.5.336, WinXP Pro SP1)


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Page orientation is unavailable here (grayed out) in the Page Setup dialog. This is particularly problematic when trying to print a selector, because selector conditions do not wrap when printed (they should).


I can change the page orientation by going into the advanced settings in my printer driver, but this is annoying. Incidentally, I can imagine having a path too long even for landscape orientation, though I haven't seen one yet. Why don't conditions wrap? Programming oversight?


I've tried setting a PCL6 printer and a PS printer as the default (both drivers target an HPLJ 2300d). No change: page orientation still can't be changed in Retrospect.


Also, after choosing Page Setup from the File menu, OK or cancel causes the selector window to lose focus (title bar grayed out); clicking in the window does *not* restore focus, though double-clicking a condition does in fact open it for editing. Cancelling out of the edit condition window restores focus to the selector window again, as does clicking another window (e.g. Activity Monitor) then clicking back to the selector window. This problem appears cosmetic.


Any thoughts/fixes for the grayed-out page orientation problem?



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You can add this functionality as a feature request through the Product Suggestions forum or through the following web link:




Retrospect 6.5 introduced the ability to Import/Export selectors. You can export your current selector configuration if you'd like to use it with other 6.5 installations. You can also export a copy for safe keeping.

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