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Problem with AFP Client Update and Retrospect Backup?

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A bit more than a week ago Apple released the AFP Client update to improve reliability of communication with AFP clients. Prior to installing this update, my dual 1GHz G4 system running OSX 10.2.8 had never experienced a Kernel Panic.


Following the installation, I experienced my first Kernel Panic when the system woke up from sleep with an iPod attached. Soon thereafter during the backup our 40 GB Snap Server, I reproducibly observed Retrospect 5.1 (with the latest Retrospect driver update) having difficulty with network communication (It would freeze part way through a backup using 100% of the available CPU time on one processor and the network would go crazy with every hub light blinking), or OSX would Kernel Panic .


Initially I assumed there was a hardware problem and checked network connections and the directory structures on both the Snap Server and the G4 Macintosh. After determining that there was no obvious hardware problem, I disassembled the AFPUpdate.pkg and determined that the update had replaced a single file in the system, afps.kext. I restored afps.kext from an earlier backup, replaced it in /System/Library/Filesystems/AppleShare, and rebooted. When I rebooted, I was told there was a security problem with afps.kext and did I want to fix the problem (I assumed permissions were off), I said yes and the system came up normally. I then rebooted once more and was pleased that no error messages occurred.


Apparently all is back to normal now. Whether or not the AFPClient Update was the cause of the Kernel Panics with Retrospect, I can not be certain, but for now, they appear to have stopped. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced any difficulties with the AFPClient Update. Also, if Dantz support reads this post, it might be worth checking out under what communication circumstances Retrospect will go into a endless loop and/or trigger a kernel panic.

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