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Error Code -2352 File has changed... (Outlook and Windows 98)


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Hi - I've seen a few posts about this problem, but couldn't find any solutions posted.


We run Retrospect 6 (on a Windows 2000 Server) to back up desktops and laptops. OFf thes, most run Windows 2000 Professional, a few run XP Pro, and we have one that runs Windows 98.


I'm unable to get the Microsoft Outlook file on the Windows 98 machine to backup. Every day, the following message appears in the log:


File "C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.pst" : can't read, error -2352 (File has changed)


This is the only machine we're having problems with. Until we can upgrade this one to Windows 2000 or XP Pro, does anyone know of a solution to getting Retrospect to backup the Outlook file?


I've tried to remove the client and sub-volumes from Retrospect scripts, and then re-added them, but this didn't solve the problem.


I'd appreciate any help if someone knows how to resolve this.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Tom -


Is the Outlook file open/in use during the time of backup?


Does the error happen during the copy pass or the compare pass?


Retrospect 6.0 should be shutting down Outlook at the onset of the backup of each machine, however, if a user opens it back up before the execution is complete we would have difficulty copying or comparing it.



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