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Minimize the interactive prompts when doing a scheduled backup


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I do a tape backup overnight with Retrospect Pro 6.5. Previous to the scheduled run, I have another simpler backup program that just backs up a few files to a CD-RW medium. I also sometimes forget to remove non-writable audio CDs from my CD-RW drive before retiring for the night. When I return in the morning, if the first backup program has failed to release the CD-RW drive, or there is a non-writable medium in the drive, Retrospect hasn't backed up a single thing. It just sits there all night with a prompt complaining that either it can't gain full access to the CD-RW drive, or the CD-RW drive can't be used because it hasn't been assigned a drive letter. As soon as I dismiss the prompt Retrospect starts backing up files. Not only that, but the CD-RW drives are now useless for the rest of the morning as Retrospect locks them out during the backup, even though it's not using them.




I find this behavior very annoying since now the backup is taking place during the busiest part of the day instead of overnight. Can Retrospect log these problems, but not hang the entire "unattended" backup since these devices aren't being used for the backup?

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