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Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Retrospect 6.0


I am having trouble receiving email notifications. I have modified the retroeventhandler bat file, setup a scheduled task, and even set an AT command. I am still not receiving any email; nor am I receiving an error. I have used Dantz Article 27937 and I have searched the last year of posts on this board. Neither has produced any results. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated.



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Make a test directory on a WIN2000 box.


Copy the email notify script (retroeventhandler.bat) and the email sender (mailsndr.exe) into this directory.


Edit the script and put "server_name@my_domain" in for kMailSender and your email address in for kMediaRequestGroup. Set the timeout to 5. Set MailServer to your email servers SMTP address.


Edit the MediaRequest mail command to look like this:

mailsndr -p -e %mailLog% %kMailServer% "Retrospect: MediaRequest" %kMailSender% -to

%kMediaRequestGroup% %tempFile%


Run this command in a dos box: retroeventhandler MediaRequest testlabel testname no "5"

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