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Multiple Retrospect Client processes


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Running Retrospect Client 6.5.132 on 2 notebooks. I have the same problem as everyone else: When the IP changes the client has to be restarted in order to work.


If I'm logged on with an admin account, restarting the client works as expected.


But if I'm logged on under my normal account, which is a member of Users but not Administrators, I open the Services MMC using Run As to launch it as Administrator. Each time I restart the Client service, a new 'retroclient.exe' process appears in Task Manager...but the old process is not terminated! It cannot be killed under my normal account. 100% repeatable on both machines, here.


Since Windows XP often runs for weeks without a restart, I accumulate dozens of 'retroclient.exe' processes running simultaneously, each occupying ~4MB of RAM.


While you're fixing the IP bug, please also make sure the process can be terminated while running under alternate credentials. And soon, I hope.

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