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error -43: file/folder not found.

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Hello all,


I am having an issue with my retrospect server where I am not able to back up a client because it gives the error -43: file/folder not found. I am backing up an entire hard drive on a G4 silver 1.25 Ghz machines.



Things tried in order:


1. Restart the pitond service via command line after getting error 504 (client reserved) .

2. Reboot the client machine.

3. Respecify the hard drive in the backup script on the server.

4. Re-install the client on the client machine.


After each step attempting a backup with no luck. I get a net rety then the IP address then it ultimately by passes that hard drive and moves to the other clients and backs them up succesfully. I know that machine is fine on the network because I am accessing it remotely and also none of my staff are having issues accessing it through the network since it is a file server.


Please let me know if there are any other things I can try.



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