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Lacie D2 USB2/FW AIT Error -101 - Help!


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I have a new Lacie D2 USB2/Firewire External AIT Tape Backup Unit which works fine using the firewire port but when using the USB2 port on either a Win98 PC or a WIN XP PC,


I get Error -101 - Couldn't Erase Tape (Device Rejected Command)


I have setup a brand new PC to test this, have updated retrospect and I cant think of anything else to try.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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I am using Win 2k and have a similar Freecom device. It did not work well with the USB connection, but was fine once I changed it to firewire. I think it is fairly common to have problems with USB. The other thing to check is that you are on the USB 2 port and not USB 1. On mine only 2 are USB 2 and the others are not.





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