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Email notification not working

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Hi all, first time here!


I've installed Retrospect 6.5 single server on my Win 2k server and I'm trying to get the Email notification working without much success. The manual is not much help either, minimal to say the least!


Firstly it would help if it were possible to test the settings by, for example, being able to force Retrospect to fire off a message - any ideas how to do that?


On to the settings. I believe they are ok - the mail server DNS name is as used in another backup package (NetVault), SMTP authentification isn't needed according to our IT consultants, the 'To' email address is my own - coling@vertec-print.co.uk, the 'from' email address is Retrospect@@vertec-print.co.uk which I believe is OK.


I've checked through the technotes on the website too, I can't see what might be wrong. Also does anyone know what Retrospect emails and when? Is it all activity, failures, successes, media requests?


Thanks in advance

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There could be many issues at work here. Does your mail server require outgoing authentication (if so, you'll need to disable it somehow for the from: account)? Does it require an existing user account (if so, you'll need to create an account to match your from:)?


Our mail server requires all of the above, yet we simply worked around it by creating a fictitious from: (i.e. retrospect@backupfinished.com). Of course, if your mail server checks for valid domain names, then you'll still have a problem (see above).


Retrospect simply (unfortunately) only seems to email the log report. All available settings have to be configured in the script. You could setup the Retrospect Reports generator to generate more detailed reports though to a ftp or network share.


Good luck!

Chris Porosky

Access Technologies, Inc.


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