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"Over-filling" DVD-R media

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I have a problem with under-filled media – but it is unlike the one reported in a parallel discussion. When backing up (or at least, when recataloguing), Retrospect reported what seemed impossibly large amounts written to a DVD-R. On one occasion it got as high as 11GB, though after a time it seemed to be duplicating files so I forced quit and recatalogued. The same thing happened more recently, and when it reported having written 5.8Gb to a 4.7 disc, I forced quit again. When I configure the members the penultimate DVD is not quite full (4.1Gb), but I started a new one anyway


Recently, I reexamined the log and found a claimed compression rate of 4,432% (though I don't recall this was shown by the back-up window during the backup).


It should be noted that this was to a 4x DVD-R in a set whose previous members were 2x. Natew suggests mixing speeds of DVD causes problems.


Where are the discussions on compression being a bad idea (referred to in the other thread)? I can't find them.


I am using a 15" G4 iMAC in which the original Pioneer superdrive was replaced by a Sony under warranty. OS 10.2.8


? Retrospect version 5.1.175

launched at 21/12/2003 20:17

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.2.105

+ Executing Recatalog at 21/12/2003 20:17

To backup set DVD HD Q3 2003…

21/12/2003 23:06:45: Execution completed successfully.

Completed: 66684 files, 16.9 GB

Performance: 104.4 MB/minute

Duration: 02:48:51 (00:03:19 idle/loading/preparing)


+ Executing Immediate Backup at 21/12/2003 23:16

To backup set DVD HD Q3 2003…


- 21/12/2003 23:16:22: Copying G4 iMAC…

Trouble writing: “5-DVD HD Q3 2003” (4250677248), error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.).

Additional error information for device "Sony DVD RW" [0:1],

Sense >

(SONY |DVD RW DW-U10A |A13b)

21/12/2003 23:50:42: Comparing G4 iMAC…

File “Operations Log”: different data size (set: 705,225, vol: 705,282), path: “G4 iMAC/Library/Preferences/Retrospect/Operations Log”.

File “SystemEntropyCache”: different modification date/time (set: 21/12/2003 22:41:16, vol: 21/12/2003 23:41:21), path: “G4 iMAC/private/var/db/SystemEntropyCache”.

File “console.log”: different data size (set: 8577, vol: 8839), path: “G4 iMAC/private/var/tmp/console.log”.

21/12/2003 23:56:15: 4 execution errors.

Completed: 4314 files, 459.4 MB, with 4432% compression

Performance: 41.4 MB/minute (27.6 copy, 82.7 compare)

Duration: 00:39:53 (00:17:42 idle/loading/preparing)



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