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We are using Retrospect Backup v5.0.205 and Retrospect Client 5.1. Our setup was working fine until a about a week ago, and the it started hanging on the first computer it backs up on the network. Let me be more clear...

We run a script to back up about 15 machines, the majority of which are laptops. If the user has taken their computer home, then it just skips over that machine and goes to the next one in the script. The script is scheduled to start at 8:00 at night and stop at 7:00 the next morning even if it hasn't been able to backup all the machines. So, for the last week or so, the script comes to the first computer that is available on the network, connects to the machine, determines how much data needs to be backed up, backs up none of it, and then time out at 7:00 the next morning.

Because so many of our computers are laptops and our users intermittently take them home at night, this hanging has happened on 4 different machines. Leading me to believe that it is a problem on the server side and not the client side. However, beyond that I have no clue as to what is causing this problem. Any thoughts?



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My first suggestion would be to update your version of Retrospect to the last build in the 5.0.x line; you should be able to find the 5.0.238 updater on the Dantz website somewhere. Although it's billed as an updater, it is in fact a full installer; you'll have the least chance of problems if you simply trash your installed Retrospect application and then install the new one; your existing preferences file provides the license number.


But since this _was_ working, and now is not, some additional informatino is probably needed. For example, what information is shown in the Operations Log for these sessions? What sort of Backup Device are you writing to? What operating system are the clients running? What version of Retrospect Client software do they have?



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