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Cant back up OSX client (says out of memory)

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I am running retrospect 5.1 on OS9 G3 and trying to backup an OSX client on a 10 Gig HD G4 PB running 10.2.8 using backup server over an ethernet network.


The G3 is polling the G4 correctly, starts to back up and then starts scanning files. This takes forever and seems to find ginormous numbers of files (200000+) and folders (50000+). Finally the backup stops as it Retro runs out of memory when trying to compare XWorld (name of drive on G4PB) with Caber 2002 (the backup set).


Any ideas appreciated. I have allocated more memory to Retrospect in Get Info and will leave it overnight....



Best Wishes


Tom Bancroft


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Well I increased retrospect's memory to 28 Mb and still no joy. Any ideas appreciated.



Is this a typo? Perhaps you actually increased it to 128 Mb?


You don't provide the memory configuration of your G3, but allocating as much as possible to this application will probably be necessary.



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