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Trying to backup website too - FTP - looking for suggestions...

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I am trying to set up Retrospect to backup my websites when it runs scheduled backups. My websites are on other servers that I can only access via FTP. I have the newest Retrospect 6.5 Pro.


Here is what I tried:

I have tried installing programs that "mount" FTP sites as network drives. It works when I open my computer because there they are - mounted network drives. However Retrospect dosn't recognize them.


I would also like to be able to backup the MySQL Databases on these servers. I think the best way to do that though is to schedule the server to create a file backup of the Database automatically before the Retrospect backup occurs - thus it would be downloaded as a file and saved in the backup.


If you have any ideas whatsoever post them so I can give it a try.


Thank you,

Ryan K.

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