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Retrospect Stuck at Quitting...


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Today I made some significant changes to our scheduling, etc on our Retrospect server. When exiting the program it is now stuck at "Quitting..." and has been for over 30 minutes now. The last time I saw this problem I had to use Task Manager to shut down the program and I lost all my changes. Now I just spent several hours updating this server and would like to not lose my changes. Call me needy I guess.


How can I get Retrospect to shut down without needing to stop it via task manager at this stage? Or and even better question, why the hell is this even happening? I am not used to programs where you go File...Exit and they get stuck.


And if I have to use Task Manager to shut down Retrospect how do I make sure my changes are saved? The config65.dat's time stamp is about an hour off...so that tells me any changes since then have not been saved to it.




Windows 2000 Server

Retrospect Version 6.5

Backing Up To Disk Locally on Server

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Well, now that is has been 4 hours and still Retrospect was "Quitting" I had to do the Task Manager trick and shut it down that way. And of course as predicted I lost ALL MY CHANGES! Nothing like losing 3 hours of work because the application doesn't save it's own changes.


If I sound ticked off...I AM!


I would appreciate anyone letting me know what causes this problem with Retrospect and how to prevent it. This is unacceptable behaviour in a purchased product. I could understand it if the product was "Freeware" or "Shareware"...but for a purchased product to behave like this is incomprehensible to me.

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Reboot your computer first.

Then what services are you running, is SQl amongst the services.


This has happened to me before and just had to reboot.


Do you have symantec antivirus for exchange ????


Post some more details about your machine.

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