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FOR AMY: Installing 5.1 on dual-boot G4

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My 5.1 Retrospect upgrade came a few days ago, but I have not installed it...still trying to get used to this new dual-boot G4 that runs both 9.2.2 and 10.3.

I plan to continue backing up with ZIP disks and this is possible because an Adaptec PowerDomain 2930 makes my SCSI ZIP drive (and scanner!) usable in OS X.

I read some posts in the installation group here, especially the one from the guy with two hard drives, one running 9 and the other running X, and that's when I got confused.

If I install 5.1 into X, will everything on the dual-boot G4 be backed up? There are two system folders, for example. The drive is not partitioned, but I also have an uninstalled copy of of TechTool Pro 4 that has some kind of emergency boot "partition," I am told.

This probably should have been posted in the installation section here, but this is one newsgroup that I receive and I'm too rushed to subscribe to another.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Thurletta Brown-Gavins

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