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Tape Rotatation confusion


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I'm trying to make the following rotation scheme work.

Daily Normal Backups (Mon - Thu)

Weekly Recycle (Fridays on 4 rotating tapes)

Monthly Archive


I have 4 tapes labelled Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu

4 Tape labelled Wk1 - Wk2 - Wk3 - Wk4

12 tapes labelled Jan -----December


I have backup sets labelled Mon - Tues - Wed - Thu - Wk1 - Wk2 - Wk3 - Wk4 - Jan ----Dec03


I have a backup job called Daily DLT that has a schedule that does normal backups to the daily tapes on Mon - Thu and recycle jobs to the weekly tapes on 1st Friday, 2nd Friday etc.


I have a monthly job that does a new media backup on the last friday of the month.


Problem is that the Mon tape backs up all of the files on the volumes and not just the modified files. Also, the monthly backup say "nothing to back up" unless I run a manual backup.


What am I doing wrong?

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With any backup set, if the source files are not already in the backup set currently in use, they will be added regardless of whether or not they are in another backup set. There is no matching between backup sets.


For the month end, there is no reason that a New Media backup set would not work correctly automatted, but would work manually. A New Media backup set is writing to a an empty backup set and an erased tape. All files should be backed up. Check to see what is set differently between the manual and the automatted backups. If you are using a selector other then "All Files" for your automatted backup troubleshoot this first.

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So rather than have backup sets named Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu I should have just one backup set named Daily?


I'm more used to Backup Exec where you schedule a daily incremental and a weekly full backup.


This Backup Set thing seems way more confusing!

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