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"Retrospect cannot use:" Retrospect won't use any drives! 6.5 Pro - HELP


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I am trying to use Retrospect 6.5 Pro - I just purchased it and went to detect drives. It gives me a message when doing a device scan saying:


"Retrospect cannot use : NEC DVD+RW, ID 2 because it does not have a drive letter assigned. To use the drive, quite and relaunch Retrospect after you assign a drive letter to your drive."


It gives me the same message for my cd drive too!


I don't know what is wrong - both drives have letters, both drives have never had problems before.


This makes me sick - I spent $160 on a produict I heard to be quality and it dosn't even work with either drive! And to top it off I have to pay another 65 just to have a tech person take my call!


Help would be appreciated.


PS> WHen I try to configure the application I get a Fatal error and the application crashes out - "Retrospect has encountered a serious error: Assertion failure at "module.cpp-457" ....



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If you're running under XP (or W2K I thnk), you night try switching from the default ASPI to NT Passthru. I've had better luck on several machines, esp. with CDRW drives. There's some info in the following thread:



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