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Client event handler doesn't work

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I cannot seem to get the client to trigger the Retrospect Event Handler script.


I tried putting the script in the preferences and I created a restrospect folder in the preferences and tried putting the script in there also. I am using the sample event handler script with all the events enabled to produce a dialogue box (removed sample comment enclosures)

I have saved the event handler as an application with options to not show splash and do not quit and the filename of Retrospect Event Handler


I can send events to the client with a standard script with no trouble so the scripting addition works.


Running latest client 5.1.157 on OS 9. Backing up from a Windows server.


So where does the Event handler script go? What is it supposed to be called? What event names does the client throw to the script and what are their parameters?


Anything else I should know?


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The Windows application cannot call a Macintosh client AppleScript / eventhandler, nor can the Macintosh application call a Windows client eventhandler.


Currently these features are only available on the same platform from which you're running the application.

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