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One Session, multiple snapshots?


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I don't get it. I did a new complete backup on a drive and now I have 2 snapshots, one by me(lynn) and one that says SYSTEM.


How do I avoid this? I only had one session logged in as myself(XP Pro, SP1), RB 6.5.336 Pro...


The reason I ask is that recently I had to restore my boot drive to a newly installed drive and had to rebuild the catalog. There were 2 snapshots on that one too and the only way I could get a clean restore was to rebuild the catalog from the FIRST member, not the last , as RB originally asked for the last member, which was annoying.... I hence wish to keep snapshots from only one user in any given backup set.


This is the second time now that RB/Pro has saved my bacon.... smile.gif


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Retrospect will generate a snapshot for each volume depending on how the program is logged in. If you run a manual backup, the snapshot will list the currently logged in user. If the backup is automatted, the default is to run as the Local System Account (System).


Snapshots of the same system can, in theory, contain different files based on the permissions of the user who runs the backup. Retrospect 6.5 has a built-in preference under which you can specify which user to log in as regardless of manual or scripted backups. Configure > Preferences > Security


Multiple snapshots of the same machine by multiple users will not impair your restore ability in any way. The snapshots are always dated, so most users will chose the latest snapshot. Retrospect will only restore from the snapshot you choose.

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