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Does REtrospect 6.5 play nice with NAV 2004?


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Currently, I am using NAV 2003, but was thinking of installing NAV 2004.


Page 57 of the 30 December 2003 issue of PC magazine has a communication that



"... it is impossible to perform a proper backup while any of the current

Norton 2004 products are installed. Symantec's technical support suggested

uninstalling its products before each backup and reinstalling them after the

backup is completed."


Such a problem is so outlandish, I do not know whether to believe the



Can any of you confirm this problem with NAV 2004?


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I called Symantec tech support yesterday.


We agreed that, in theory, there really should not be problems with backup,

but there may be problems with restore due to the activation security in NAV



I asked the techie to make sure the higher ups at Symantec see the PC

Magazine flame, I suspect that they already have.

And I hope that Symantec requests PC Rag, ooops, I mean Mag, publish a

response/clarification from Symantec.


The other issue is that, on some systems, a simple reboot can require a

re-activation. I was told that Symantec has a fix for this.


The PC Mag item did not mention affected products. Such an item should not

be published without more specifics. Such publication does serve to warn us,

but needlessly ignites flames, rather irresponsible IMHO.


My NAV 2003 subscription does not expire until sometime next year.

I won't be installing NAV 2004 before then.


I could get Symantec to refund my purchase price if I do so before the end

of this month, but I've already got $40 in rebates, so my net cost is $9.99.

I guess that I'll risk the $9.99 and see what happens when I install NAV

2004. I would expect that there will be more updates by that time.

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