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Problem when Retrospect closes and reopens Outlook


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This is one I've been beating my head with. When Retrospect 6.5 multi-server is backing up a client and it closes Outlook momentarily to backup its pst files (or whatever), the default location for saving attachments moves to the "LocalService" location. I have verified this to be true by testing. I think I understand why it does it by assuming that the system call is what closes Outlook and reopens it. The LocalService folder is the profile for that account. So how do you fix this problem? Is there a way to tell Retrospect not to shutdown Outlook? I can look into other ways of backing up the PST files. By the way the clients that I've seen affected by this are Win XP with Office XP installed. Not sure if Office 2k has that problem but would assume so.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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