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Client passwords going blank


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This has only happened twice so far but I thought I would see if anyone else has seen something similar.


5.1 server running on Mac OS 9. Managing about 250 Mac and Windows clients. In the last week two laptops running Windows98 and Windows2000 have been reported as not backing up. When I try to connect to them remotely the server tells me I have an incorrect password and I was challenged for a new one. All our remotes have the same password and these clients have been in service for months if not years.


In both cases the standard password did not work but when I tried a blank password I was able to login and then reset the password. One of the clients seems fine now. The other is not always connecting so it is being reinstalled.


There is no evidence of other problems on these computers so I have to assume that something corrupted the settings for the client. Has anyone else seen clients just lose their password like this?



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