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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't know why Dantz hasn't replied to you yet. It's been weeks since I emailed and phoned them and they haven't replied to me yet either. Dantz apparenlty no longer has a support presence in their forums.


As far as I know, you can't make your own boot CD -- you have to buy them from Dantz (they've not too expensive, about $3 each if I remember correctly).


Alas, they don't work. At least not for me. I booted my OS X Panther machine from the Dantz-supplied boot CD and it is very buggy. When it displays a list of volumes to search for catalog files, the list only shows two volumes (out of the six I have), with a third volume name corrupted with garbage and greyed out. When I try to open some catalogs, the CD-resident Retrospect simply does nothing, returning back to the previous screen. And worst of all, I have YET to be able to actually restore anything using one of these CDs. The restore always fails with "remote FTP server is not responding." However, the remote FTP server, which is sitting right next to my Mac (a SNAP160) is working just fine. Apparently Retrospect has improperly set the TCP/IP settings and is not communicating on my network properly.


I hope Retrospect sees this note and answers us!


-mel beckman

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