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Not backing up all files

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I'm running Mac 10.2.3 & Desktop 5.1.175 w/ 2GB of RAM. I tried to restore some files after a crash but found they were not being backed up; JPEGs with -rwxrwxr-x permission were, but those with -rw-rw-rw- were not. I've also noticed that none of my files ending in .hdr are backed up, while files in the same folder with identical permissions but different suffixes were (.db for example). Does anyone know what is causing this behavior and what can be done to ensure that all files are backed up?


Thanks in advance & have a great Thanksgiving (US).



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1) What have you told Retrospect to backup?


i.e. Are you running a manual back or a script?

If a manual backup, what does it say beside "Selecting" in the Immediate Backup window?

It it uses a Selector, what does the selector have in it?


When you tell Retrospect to backup everything, it usually does a pretty good job! However since often it is convenient to back up less, there are lots of ways of restricting what does get backed up. The most likely answer is that you have unintentionally excluded some "good" files from the backup.


2) What did you tell Retrospect to restore?


i.e. did you do a Search, or a Restore?

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