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DLT1 Shows up As DLT7000

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I have just replaced a dead Sun DLT7000 with a Quantum DLT1.




I updated the Advanced Driver Kit to version 2.0 and then tried adding the "Retrospect 4.3 Driver Upate" to my Retrospect folder.




When I open up the Devices in Retrospect 4.3 on my MacOS 9.2.2 G4, the DLT1 shows up as


a DLT7000 and indicates 35 GB rather than the 40 GB that I would expect from the new DLT1.




Is there some way to actively select the correct drive?




thank you

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The Quantum DLT1 drive is correctly reporting itself as a DLT7000. This is the inquiry string provided by the drive itself.




You should remove the Retrospect Driver Update file, as it is not required for use with the Quantum DLT1 and can cause a conflict with the Advanced Driver Kit.











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