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ReportsWatcher, and client/log confusion (2 questions)


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Relatively new admin for Single Server, and 2 things are perplexing me so far (very impressed with the documentation for the most part, though).


The first is with ReportsWatcher. It seems to be functioning fine, except that the operations_log.utx shows nothing at all as being "done", so to speak. I can head to the website I set up, and see everything that's happened in the "Backup reports.utx" file just fine, the operations_log.utx shows a red X, and Never, n/a, 0,0,0 for its history. Is there something I need to do to get this file output as HTML?


Second question, somewhat related; I have a client that reports as fine in ReportsWatcher as far as daily proactive backups go - every /day/ everything's working - but in "Reports | Backup Reports" they only show the initial backup, and no subsequent backups after that. Everything /seems/ fine with the client except for that one thing. Is there a way I can get that client to start logging to that interface again?


Thanks in advance.

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