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How do you amend a backup set?

Chris Finn

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I just bought a new external hard drive and it came with this software. I was simply gona copy all my data to the hard drive through windows explorer but decided to give Retrospect a try. It worked very well. I defined a backup set which backs up certain directories from 2 different drives on my main PC and from 2 drives on a networked PC. This is all done through Maxtor Onetouch which was installed with the software and allows a backup to run by simply pushing a single button on the front of the hard drive.




Now I think about it I want to amend the backup set to include a few more dirctories but I dont want to have to creat a new set and spend another 16hrs starting a backup from scratch.




So heres the question.....can I amend the backup set to include new folders/directories so that when I push the single button on the external hard drive next time it will back up the new folders as well as the original ones?




The help section has been pretty useless but if anyone can direct me to the section that explains how to amend an existing back up set I would be very interested to know where it is.

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The OneTouch button calls a "script" in Retrospect. To change the behavior change the script.


Automate > Scripts

The script associated with the button will be called Maxtor OneTouch with the word (backup) indicating that it is a backup script rather then a duplicate or other type of script.


Edit the script to modify your "Sources"

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