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Restarting the MacOS X client from the command line


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I have a server here that keeps giving me the "-505 client reserved" error.

It does this about every other time it's backed up and requires that I restart the OS X machine.

This machine is acting as a CVS server and can't be restarted.



This is Unix. Why can't I restart the process for the client and be done with it?

So I tried it.

First of all - The kill command in OS X uses numbers for the kill signal... I gave the command "kill -HUP". That doesn't actually send it the HUP signal.

So, I killed the pitond process - oops.


Next time I'll just use the "killall" command and "killall pitond" should do the job. This kills any process with whatever name you pass it.


Now, I suppose I could have just started it back up manually, but I'm not good with starting processes correctly as the correct user etc. So, I just used the handy startup script provided - "/Library/StartupItems/RetroClient/RetroClient".

Starting it with "sudo /Library/StartupItems/RetroClient/RetroClient" worked great. Client started, our windows server sees it and it's working fine.



What possible problems would this cause? I can't think of any, but I suppose it's possible...





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